Product Launch 🚀 - Dual Screen Stand Shield

Designed to help you get back to business.

Made in Melbourne - the point of sale protection screen is a durable, unobtrusive screen designed to keep customers and staff safe and hygienic when interacting at the point of payment and purchase. Produced in 4.5mm ultra clear acrylic and designed as a seamless addition to the dual tablet stand.

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In an unprecedented time of economic and health uncertainty due to the global effect of COVID-19, we need to be more and more conscious of the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our customers. Proper have designed and locally manufactured a bespoke design of POS shield which immediately works with the Dual Tablet Stand. This tall and profiled shield is designed to reduce the potential of droplet spread between customer and server. 

If a custom solution is what you are looking for, please reach out and discuss with our design department.