Outdoor Dining (Covid-19)

In the response to re-introduce trade opportunities for hospitality markets globally - governments are increasing access to public outdoor spaces for dining.

Repurposing alley-ways, side streets, carparks and other open areas as seating areas has been proposed for (our home town) Melbourne but has been in effect in other cities like NYC for some time. 

While the proposed changes may not return all trading to its former glory, it presents new opportunities to create exciting and interesting spaces for people to enjoy. Especially with the local weather getting better - we'd go as far to say we'd prefer an outdoor table in the fresh air, watching the world go by than sit in the same airconditioned air we can find in our homes or office.

Melbournes Mayers Place and Degraves street are already tourist attractions. Not to mention you can take us to an Italian Piazza or Dumbo in New York City for a meal any-day! 

Overzealous optimism aside, we understand the pressures that small businesses have been under, and the operational challenges that come with establishing outdoor systems to provide customers with great experiences. Consider the following options that might support your business:

1. Will your staff be able to greet and seat outdoors?


Proper iPad MPOS Case Kit

Check to see if the software and hardware you own can support managing people outdoors. You want to know your front of house can remotely manage your customers so they can have the best experience - for them it will be a long awaited night out!

2. Is your payment device mobile?

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In Australia, the majority of card terminals are on the larger side, with a few exceptions like Square. Consult with your software vendor about their capabilities for mobile payments and compatible card readers.

3. Can you setup a remote POS station?

Proper POS Trolley (MTO)

If your system is hard wire installed and in a fixed location, you may want to consider expanding your cloud POS capabilities with an iPad and software which can run with flexibility. Rolling stands with power, payment and an enclosed iPad can be moved around your available space to create a rolling register for customer transactions.

We know things are tough and aren't necessarily getting back to a perfect situation any time soon, but we are still able to create some amazing experiences within our means and public health guidelines. 


1. Contact your Point of Sale software 

2. Proper Mobile Point of Sale products - Collection Here

3. Proper POS Trolley (MTO) - Learn more