A Refined iPad Stand for Business

After years of product development, we’re excited to launch our flagship Proper Business product—A secure and elegant mounting solution for iPad.


The Proper iPad Swivel Stand is designed to seamlessly and securely mount and display your iPad. Combining 180° of swivel rotation for convenient customer interaction, and an ergonomically friendly 80° of angle adjustment; the Swivel Stand optimises the user experience of your iPad, and looks beautiful in every environment.


Years ago, as a small product design studio focused on iPad accessories, we began filtering requests for a simplified mounting system, supporting iPad as a primary point-of-sale device —A quest which has since blossomed into an entire range of business hardware mounts and stands for iPad, as the device continues to thrive as an increasingly adopted tool for business.

In 2018, the iPad excels as an accessible and affordable tool for small business owners, yet most of those devices are propped onto cheap plastic stands, or locked into bulky, cumbersome mounts, with cables clumsily stretched across the countertop. We want to fix that.


The Proper iPad Swivel Stand is machined out of solid aluminium, promising to effortlessly complement every interior, and built with premium materials that are designed to last.

Concealed within the body of the stand is a custom designed Lightning cable, keeping your device powered at all times, and your workspace tidy.


The iPad Swivel Stand can be installed in minutes onto any surface using a specially designed adhesive, and is currently compatible with iPad (5th + 6th Generation).

Click here for more information, or to purchase the Proper iPad Swivel Stand.

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Matt Jones