The Future of Point of Sale is Here

Waiting in line at my local cafe, a thirty-something year-old cyclist in front of me touches their Kerv Ring to the top of the EFTPOS machine; the employe drops their jaw as a green tick approves the payment. This of course isn’t anything new, these days you can put an NFC chip into pretty much anything, but seeing this in person — I’m only twenty-five and it made me feel old.

Floating Payment Devices.png

We usually think of ‘keeping up with technology’ in the realm of consumer devices; every year there’s a ‘new generation’ of smartphones and laptops (and microwaves), but that acceleration of new technology has recently begun its journey over to the Point of Sale industry.

The first cash register was patented in the late 1800s, and remained relatively unchanged well into the 20th century, but as demands like receipt printing, barcode scanning, and card payments have become commonplace, most point-of-sale systems now require complex setups, with competing peripherals and proprietary software — I‘ve worked in retail, it’s a mess.

Tangled POS.png

Getting all of this working together is a daunting task for any small business owner, and even more overwhelming when something breaks.

Remember your old landline phone? Remember hooking it up to the answering machine? Or fighting with your family members over the dial-up connection because you picked up the phone and heard this:

My technological nostalgia is strolling down the block listening to the Space Jam soundtrack on a Sony CD walkman and playing Super Mario Land on the original black and white brick-like Gameboy…

90s Kid.png

But I have a smartphone now; I stream my music and I download my games. I couldn’t fathom carrying around an individual accessory for everything I now accomplish with a pocket-sized computer. We have smarter solutions.

Well, there’s a smarter way to manage your business, too…

The iPad has been around for almost a decade now, but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve seen it take shape as a serious tool for business. It’s powerful enough to handle all the computing your business needs, in an incredibly easy to use package, at an accessible price point.

iPad Money Shot.png

We’re not entirely condensed yet, you might still require a peripheral or two, but with hundreds of point-of-sale apps and a plethora of wireless accessories to choose from, it’s possible to get your entire business started in minutes.
There’s just one problem…

The iPad isn’t quite built for business.

As a consumer product, most people want their devices to be slim, lightweight, portable. Sure, you can slip it into a case, but you still have to worry about your iPad being misplaced, stolen, or knocked off the countertop. Not to mention keeping it charged and connected at all times.

The solution? A stand made specifically for business use; with 180° of swivel rotation for convenient customer interaction, and an ergonomically friendly 80° of angle adjustment, for employees of all heights.

Swivel Stand.png

The Proper iPad Swivel Stand powers your iPad at all times with an included MFi certified Lightning cable, and conceals cables, keeping your iPad locked securely into place, and looking beautiful in every environment.

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Matt Jones